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by Han Yan-Cheng (not verified) on

Your perfect photos deserve to join in Humanity Photo Awards 2013 ---a free photo competition and 2000$ award


Your photos abound with the local folkloric phenomena, which reflect the precious and unique cultures of the countries you have been to. You deserve to join in the Human Photo Awards 2013.

HPA 2013 has designated a unique and scenic place in China with funny, tasty stuff and a handsome award waiting for you, when award ceremony is held.

Maybe you have the Chance to win the award 2000$ and visit China as the distinguished guests of the China Folklore Photographic Association! I like your photos!

Best Whishes

Han Yan-Cheng

Humanity Photo Awards(HPA) Work Team

Tel: +8610 6225 2175


Web: ("Humanity Photo Awards" Website ) ("World Folklore Photographers Association" Website)